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Benque House of Culture

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alt“If you are really interested in Mestizo tradition, visit the Benque House of Culture in the old police station in Benque Viejo del Carmen! Supported by the Community of Artists for Cultural and Historical Endeavours (CACHE), it boasts displays of old photographs and documents, logging and chicle-gathering equipment, paintings and musical instruments.” ~ The Rough Guide to Belize.2007

The Benque Viejo House of Culture, opened on September 6, 2001, has fast become the dynamic, creative community centre where the community on a whole keeps gathering to learn, teach and pursue their favourite cultural activity.  HOC Benque has worked with children, youth, adults and senior citizens as well as the physically impaired in the fields of music, literature, dance, drama and the plastic arts.  It has liaised with schools as well as other public and private entities to undertake its activities.

With the integration of CACHE (the Community of Artists for Cultural & Historical Endeavours), its chief support group, the Benque HOC has empowered the community to be involved in decision–making and thus for the people to feel a part of this project.  Faithful to its mission of promoting beauty and goodness, CACHE and HOC Benque have sought to inspire and uplift all through the various cultural manifestations.

Eight years into the third millennium it can be clearly seen that the mission and function of the Benque-HOC have been directly related to the cultural life of western Belize, incorporating the dynamic forms of cultural life while focusing on its peculiarity.

Visitor Info:
The Benque House of Culture is housed in the old Police Station of Benque Viejo, a monument to a past life in this frontier town on the Western Border of Belize.


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