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Barton Creek


Barton Creek Cave Barton Creek (5 acres)

Barton Creek Cave is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Cayo District.  In addition to its natural beauty, the site contains a wide range of cultural remains that were left within the cave by the ancient Maya.  Artifacts, hearths, modified cave formations, and human remains were deposited on ledges above the river indicating that the cave was of great ritual importance to the ancient settlers of the region.  


From the town of San Ignacio, Barton Creek is an hour’s drive. Take the Georgville exit and drive about 10 minutes or approximately 3 miles to the Cool Shade exit.  Drive another 35 minutes until you reach the Barton Creek Mennonite Community. The site is located just outside the village.

Fees and Reservations

Belizeans: BZD$10.00

Non-Belizeans: BZD$10.00

Belizeans enter FREE on Sundays and Public and Bank Holidays

School, Church and Government Groups need to contact the IA office for official Pass to visit this site.


Free Parking

Picnic Pavilion



Flora & Fauna

Maya Artifacts

Wet Cave

Filming /Permits

All Commercial Filming requires a Film Permit. For further information contact the Institute of Archaeology

Wedding Ceremonies – Fee & Permit required:  Contact the Institute of Archaeology