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altMaya hieroglyphic script represents the most advanced system of writing in all of Pre-Columbian America. 

Referred to as a logographic system, it combined phonetic symbols with logograms.  The hieroglyphic inscriptions were predominantly used by the elite to record events such as the birth, accession and death of important rulers, their hereditary right to rule, and their success in military campaigns.  Other uses included almanacs that contained important ceremonial events and their accompanied rituals.  The mediums used for much of their writing were stelae and other stone monuments, ceramics, ornaments, wooden lintels, and bone.  Most Maya script, however, was likely recorded on folded books that were produced from the bark of the wild fig tree and lime plaster. 

Today four of these codices, dating to the Postclassic period, have been discovered.  Known as the Paris, Madrid, Dresden and Grolier Codex, they are presently preserved in Europe and the United States.

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