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Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts

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Bliss Center for the Performing ArtsWelcome to the flagship building of the Institute of Creative Arts.

This striking building not only houses the administrative headquarters for ICA, it provides the stage for numerous memorable performances year round as well as plays host to a multitude of local and international cultural events and festivals, welcoming thousands of visitors and performers annually to Belize.

“SLEEPING GIANT” Created by Belizean artist, George Gabb, this wooden sculpture is a watermark on our Five Dollar bill and has an estimated value of BZ $80,000.00

The Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts is managed by a Theatre Director with the help an assistant and 15 staff members divided into the following departments as follows: Technical (3), Maintenance (3), Security (5), Cleaning (4).

Apart from maintaining the physical upkeep of the building the Theatre Director is also responsible for the booking of events of the Bliss and producing shows for the Centre's four seasonal calendars.

Art Gallery

The Bliss Centre gallery hosts the first ever National Art Collection. Amongst the many art pieces of the collection is George Gabb's famous "Sleeping Giant" that has an estimated value of BZ$80,000.00. This sculpture also serves as a water mark on our Five Dollar Bill
National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize

Featured Artist

Mábuiga (Hello)Peter “Poots” “Titiman” Flores is a man of average height, but sizeable More...