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"Creating the Roadmap"

Enhancing the Export Competitiveness of Creative Services in Belize  

December 2010

Creative Industry can be defined as an economic activity generated by human creativity, skill, and talent that encompasses a broad range of intellectual outputs, including: music, fashion, crafts, designs, artwork, film and video, the performing arts and publishing. Creative industries have become more prevalent in the global economy, where alternatives to industries such as manufacturing and agriculture have been a vital necessity. Belize is in a strategic position, with tourism being our number one export industry and culture’s continued growth and linkage to the creative sector. The National Institute of Culture and History is committed to the development and sustainability of a Creative Industry in Belize.

The National Institute of Culture and History has commenced working on a Creative Industry Roadmap. The objective of the Government Roadmap is to lead and guide the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) toward a systematic plan to further develop the Creative Industry Sector. It is a guide to help the Industry grow, and to contribute to efforts aimed at enhancing the export competitiveness of the Creative Industry services and products from Belize. Further to this initiative, NICH is in consultation with BELTRAIDE and the Ministry of Foreign Trade in order to better access EPA’s through the European Union that will facilitate foreign investment and trade.

The Role of NICH in promoting trade and increasing the exports of services is critical. It involves providing a framework and infrastructure, working with all stakeholders in developing cross-government corrective, as well as new policies and initiatives, identifying market opportunities, and promoting and supporting sub-sectors and firms in their efforts to export.

NICH will partner with LaunchPad Consultants to work through a 4-stage process, which includes: Situation Analysis, Strategy Development, Capacity Building, and Promotion and Support to The Creative Industries. It is a hope that the Roadmap can be presented at the “Artist in Development Seminars” in January of 2011.

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