George Gabb

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George Seymour Gabb, M.B.E., born in Belize City on 28 February 1928, was an imminent sculptor, writer, painter and philosopher. Mostly known for his sculptures, including the famous “The Sleeping Giant” which appears on Belize’s paper currency and in Belizean passports, Gabb was also an accomplished poet and playwright. His most noted writings include the play “Yellowtail” and his collection of poetry and proverbs “The Naked Eye”. One of his poems from “The Naked Eye” entitled The Sculptured Sculptor  won international acclaim and recognition from the International Society of Poets.


Gabb developed a passion for art at the age of thirteen and by age fifteen he had began carving.  Throughout his lifetime he was tireless in his desire to create art, even to the detriment of his health. When the dust from wood sculpting severely affected his health, rather than retire, he turned instead to creating sculptures from scrap metal. Much of his philosophy sprang from this fervent creative passion. He once noted, “If there is such a thing as a God and He is the Creator, whenever we create, he smiles because we are just touching a little bit of his likeness.”


George Gabb succumbed to the lengthy battle with his health on March 1st 2007.


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