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Whether you’re planning a one month art exhibition, a one night event, a production running for several nights or weeks, or a festival with multiple events the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts has the facilities and services available to help you make a spectacular presentation.


altThere are 615 seats total in the Bliss Auditorium (10 of which are in the balcony). On stage there are 65 lights. Combined lighting instruments include 30 Panels, and 35 Mini Spots. In addition there are Boom Side Lights, Alcove, House Booms, Sound Boom, Lighting and Projector Boom, Stage Monitors, 5 Over Head House Monitors or Forwards and Subwoofers (below stage). 

Please see our Theatre Guidelines for audiences and our Technical Department Policies for use of sound, light and stage.

Rotunda & Meditation Area

The Rotunda is used primarily for art exhibitions, receptions and small group activities. Depending on the number of guests or art pieces, the Meditation Area can be included.

Please see our Rotunda Usage Policy

Dance studio

The dance studio is used for weekly rehearsals and dance classes by the Belize Dance Company

Please see usage polices for the Dance Studio

The Cafe

The Café is opened daily during regular working hours and on performance nights.

National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize

Featured Artist

Mábuiga (Hello)Peter “Poots” “Titiman” Flores is a man of average height, but sizeable More...