NICH Strategic Plan 2010-2015

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We envision "A Belize that embraces its diverse cultural heritage, promotes understanding and appreciation of its people, and ensures their growth and development in a global community" and in so doing articulated a critical role for NICH to play as Belize's premier cultural institution in "creating an enabling environment for the development, conservation, promotion, expression and accessibility of culture in all its diversity."

The NICH 2010-15 Strategic Plan is premised on the centrality of culture to all aspects of Belize's development, including building social cohesion and fostering national identity. It is anchored by pillars of respect, integrity, tolerance and excellence. It affirms the right of all people to cultural expression and benefits, and it recognizes the intrinsic value of partnership in achieving its objectives.

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National Institute of Culture and History

NICH Highlights

On Wednesday April 8th, 2015 Honorable Minister Manuel Heredia, Mayor Darell Bradley, President of NICH Ms. Diane Haylock and a representative from More...